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Packing and Reassembly

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Full Packing Service

  • If you chose a full packing service, our experienced team will arrive the day before your move with all essential packing materials, I.e. boxes, tape, bubble wrap and pack up the whole contents of your home.
  • The team will also dismantle all items that require dismantling for removal.


  • If you would like to pack your own items we can provide you with the necessary packing materials to do so.
  • All contents of your home must be packed & labelled before our team arrive on your move day.
  • Anything that needs to be dismantled for removal must be dismantled before the move day.
  • We recommend reading over our self-pack guidelines to ensure that you will be ready for your move day.

Unpacking Service

  • The last step in your removals process is the unpacking. We know that this can be quite a daunting task so we offer an unpacking service as well to help you get settled in to your new home.
  • We do offer a box collection if your home falls within our collection area, but please note that we do not remove packing paper.


Packing up your kitchen and laundry room for a move can seem a little overwhelming, but there are ways to complete the task in an organized and effective way. We will pack and protect your items with the best packing materials, as well as offer you tips that will allow you to maximize the benefits of the moving resources we provide. Items we are happy to pack up:

  • Small Appliances
  • Food Items
  • Cutlery & Crockery
  • China & Glassware
  • Pots & Pans
  • Cookbooks

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Our removals service for bedrooms will start by sorting and packing the least used bedrooms first, such as guest rooms or spare rooms. We will carefully pack the items below:

  • Clothes, Shoes & Toiletries
  • Dressers & Dressing Tables
  • Mirrors, Pictures & Frames
  • Bedding, Linen, Pillows & Towels
  • Bedroom & Bathroom Furniture
  • Curtains & Blinds

Living room

The living room can be a little more complicated to move than the dining room or bedroom, simply because of all those electronics and small items such as figurines, DVDs and books. Using our quality packing materials we will pack your items efficiently and effectively so that they are organized for moving into your new home.

  • Draperies
  • Electronics & Accessories
  • Pianos (where applicable)
  • Books, Lamps & Bases
  • Furniture & Rugs
  • Wall Decorations & Figurines

Dining room

We understand the importance of protecting your most valuable dining room items which may include china, crystal and other expensive collectors’ items. Using our skills and packing materials will ensure the utmost safety for all important goods. We will dismantle all furniture carefully.

  • Furniture
  • Glassware & China
  • Curtains & Draperies
  • Cabinets
  • Wall Decorations
  • Rugs

Garden, Garage & Sheds

Garages and sheds aren't usually the biggest spaces however we will go to great lengths to ensure that sharp tools and objects of affection are carefully dismantled and/or packed. All items that should not be transported are the likes of liquids and flammable materials such as bottled gas, fertiliser, pesticides and oils. These should be disposed before the move. Items we are happy to move:

  • BBQs
  • Furniture, Parasols & Soft Furnishings
  • Bicycles & Motorised Transport
  • Garden & Power Tools
  • Children's Play Equipment
  • Plants & Containers

Attics & Cellars

If you have a cellar or an attic in your current house we are able to assist with packing and moving all items. We will provide an inventory for wine cases/bottled packed.

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