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Small Recycled Boxes

  • Length 50cm x Width 30cm x Height 30cm
  • The small boxes are normally used to pack books, photo albums, frames.
  • These small, but relatively heavy items, are packed in to the smaller boxes to avoid filling up a larger box and making it too heavy to lift

Medium Recycled Boxes

  • Length 60cm x Width 60cm x Height 60cm

Large Recycled Boxes

  • Length 60cm x Width 60cm x Height 90cm
  • The large boxes are used to hold bedding (duvets, pillows, blankets) as well as curtains and lounge cushions. The large boxes are good to hold big but light items.

Wardrobe Boxes

  • Length 60cm x Width 50cm x Height 124cm
  • The wardrobe boxes come with a hanging rail and are great for packing clothes that you don’t want folded, for example; suits, dresses, jackets. Each wardrobe box can hold approximately 5 suits.

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